Integrity Chiropractic is the Keilor, Truganina, and surrounding suburbs provider for WHA Pre-Employment Medical Services.

Are your employees fit for the job ahead? 

Whatever the industry, the health and safety of your team is an essential part of the success of your business. Workforce Health Assessors ensure a prospective employee is physically, mentally, and medically suited to their specific job. We offer comprehensive pre-employment medical assessments tailored to the needs of your business.

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Pre-employment Medicals

Pre-employment medical assessments benefit your business and improve the wellbeing and safety of your workforce.

  • Find a quality candidate without the guesswork

  • Minimise long-term absenteeism from illness and injury

  • Meet health and safety targets

  • Improve and maintain corporate image

  • Save money on WorkCover claims and insurance costs

  • Provide a safe work environment

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Drug & Alcohol Screening

Our drug & alcohol screening services cover pre-employment, random, for cause, and critical incident screening. 

WHA offers:

  • Urinary or oral fluid drug screening to Australian Standards 

  • Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) certified urine and oral fluid collection, screening and transport.

  • NATA approved pathology screening & confirmation 

  • GCMS/LCMS confirmatory testing by a NATA certified laboratory of non-negative instant results.

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Hearing Assessments

Pre-employment and ongoing hearing assessments are becoming a requirement for many industries. 

  • Identify pre-existing hearing loss

  • Track hearing loss

  • Meet health and safety targets

  • Save money on WorkCover claims and insurance costs

  • Provide a safe work environment

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Driver Assessments

Driver assessments ensure a driver’s health is up to the standard of the job including sensory, cognitive, & motor function abilities.

WHA is at the forefront of advanced and emerging assessment technology. We deliver comprehensive and efficient driver assessments, including: